COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Sunday night’s Republican gubernatorial debate got heated as incumbent Governor Brian Kemp and primary challenger Sen. David Perdue attacked each other.

The debate aired on WSB-TV in Atlanta and was the first of three debates in the eight days.

If you were wondering if there was bad blood between Gov. Kemp and Sen. Perdue, it didn’t take to get an answer.

Perdue, backed by former President Donald Trump, came out saying the 20-20 election was rigged and stolen.

He blamed Kemp in part for his U.S. Senate loss to Jon Ossoff.

Here is an example of what happened.

Perdue: “Well, first of all, that is not answering the question. Not one person – no matter who is investigating this or is supposed to be investigating – not one person has been prosecuted for voter fraud after a year …”

Kemp: Well, the governor is not a prosecutor by the way …

Perdue: No, but you are the top person who can make that …

Kemp: But, yeah we have a constitution and the attorney general is the top prosecutor in the state as well as the local district attorney.

Perdue: “You are doing what politicians do. It’s somebody else’s fault when it doesn’t go right. But when something is going well …

Kemp: “No, David. That’s what the law and constitution …

Perdue: “You are quite ready …”

Kemp: “That’s what the law and constitution …”

Perdue: It’s nice to see this that weak leaders take credit when things …”

Kemp: “Weak leaders blame people …”

Perdue “… And blame somebody else when it doesn’t.”

Kemp: “Hey, weak leaders blame everybody but themselves for their own loss.”

Monday brought reactions from across the political spectrum. Democrat Stacey Abrams is still waiting for the survivor of this Republican family feud.

A unique perspective comes from Brian Robinson, former press secretary to Republican Gov. Nathan Deal. Robinson is now a political consultant who does not have a dog in this fight.

“Well, I would argue that you don’t’ see that animosity too often in any election,” Robinson said. “What you have here is a sense of betrayal, And these guys are still human. And that raw emotion, that hatred, was on the surface all night long. You did get the sense, not being in the studio but through the TV screen, that they could come to blows at any moment. It was just very tense. And it was awkward watching them side by side.”