Sadie’s Act: Auburn family pushes for grease trap safety after another child’s death


AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – The family of Sadie Grace Andrews is feeling renewed pain, and angry frustration as another child dies after falling into a grease trap outside a Rochester, New York restaurant.

Many in the state of Alabama will never forget the heartbreaking tragedy of three-year-old Sadie, who passed in 2017 after falling into a grease trap outside Brusters Ice Cream in Auburn.

Nearly 21-months to the day, after Sadie’s death, her mother is speaking with WRBL about her family’s push to protect all children across America.

“You don’t ever get over it. You just move through the situation,” Corrie Andrews says of the pain of losing her daughter.

Andrews chokes back tears thinking about this week’s tragic grease trap child death in New York. She says heart goes out to the New York Mother, a stranger she’s never met, but will forever feel a raw connection over the loss of their children. She hopes people with surround this mother with love and prayers, while rejecting unfair and unfounded criticism.

“I just wanted to jump on a plane and to try to find the mom, because I understand first hand exactly what she is going through. It is absolutely insane to me with all the national and international coverage of what happened to Sadie, that this is still happening,” said Andrews.

Monday, July 16th, police say the three-year-old boy fell into a grease trap outside the Tim Hortons in Rochester, New York.

Police believe the boy stepped on the unsecured, plastic lid, causing it to open up, and trap him below.

Andrews says that’s what happened to her three-year-old girl during a family outing to get ice cream in Auburn. Andrews says she knows of eight other similar deaths and injuries across the United States from grease trap dangers.

“This is what makes me so upset. This is something that is so easily fixed to prevent such tragedy. Safety should not be an option, and this keeps happening all over the country,” said Andrews.

With unanimous support of Alabama lawmakers, the Sadie Grace Andrews Act was signed into law in Alabama by the governor. Sadie’s Act requires establishments to secure grease traps with metal lids and secure barriers properly.

With the latest grease trap death in New York, Sadie’s family is pushing to expand the legislation to other states.

“Our goal is to see the Sadie Grace Andrews Act go nationwide to ensure safety for all children and That the hope of Heaven to be with those families who have had a child pass away,” shared Andrews.

Sadie’s family is asking you to join them by calling your Congressional representatives or any elected official that can push this lifesaving agenda.

“Don’t just ask, plead, appeal and petition that this needs to happen nationwide so this type of tragedy does not hit another family,” she asked.

Sadie’s mom says while her child awaits her in Heaven, Sadie’s spirit continues to make a difference here on earth.

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