COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — SafeHouse Ministries looks to do exactly what their name entails — provide a safe place for the homeless community in Columbus. As they look to expand their ministry, they are now asking the public for help. 

The ministry announced on Monday that their capital campaign raised over 1 million dollars pledged — halfway to their goal of 2.5 million. 

This money will go toward a number of projects — including shelter expansion, the expansion of a free state-licensed outpatient treatment program and growing their workforce center. They’re now asking the Columbus community for donations to help their campaign. Executive director Neil Richardson says this money will have a direct impact on the Fountain City. 

“That makes Columbus able to grow, it gives us an economic expansion area, it adds more people to the workforce, which helps area employers,” Richardson said.

It’s one thing to give someone a toolbox — and another thing to show them how to use the tools in that toolbox. SafeHouse Ministries’ mission isn’t just about putting a roof over the homeless. Instead, the organization helps them back on their feet. Whether it’s through treatment, entering the workforce or emotional support — staff members help residents begin a new chapter. 

“Most of the people we serve wrestle with hope,” Richardson said. “They’re coming out of addiction, they’re coming out of homelessness, incarceration… feel defeated… so this is an opportunity to say ‘hey, fresh start.’” 

Every step of their campaign is guided by faith. On a whiteboard beside the blueprints for the expansion are the words, “Does it glorify the Lord?” 

“Being in ministry we get to relish what God has done for us in our lives,” Richardson said. “The redeeming power of Jesus Christ transfers into your life. You’re dealing with addiction or former incarceration. It allows  you to not only just get clean… but it allows you to see that your life is real, you have purpose, it has value and you are loved.”

To donate to SafeHouse Ministries’ campaign, contact the number listed here.