Salem woman has help finding lost purse


SALEM, Ala (WRBL) – A Salem man says he can sleep better at night knowing he did the right thing.

Robert McCormick helped 76-year-old Mary Thomas find her purse, after she’d lost it at the Post Office in Salem, Alabama.

“He’s a life saver. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him,” Thomas says.

She says she went to the Post Office in Salem, Alabama to mail a letter and get some stamps. When she got home, she realized she’d lost her purse.

“I looked the house over for my pocketbook and I couldn’t find it. I just gave up, I said ‘Lord Jesus where ever it is, whoever finds it please let them bring it back to me’,” Thomas said.

Inside her purse was her $1,200 stimulus check. “I needed that money so I could pay my bills. I had been saving here and there so I could have money,” Thomas explained.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door.

“He appeared at the door,” she smiled with tears in her eyes. On her doorstep, stood McCormick – towering over her with something in his hand.

McCormick was going to check his P.O. Box and noticed something on the ground. When he picked it up, he saw the money. After attempting to bring the purse inside and having no luck, he called the post office number the next day and was told that a “Mary Thomas” had lost her purse.

McCormick says they gave him two addresses to a Mary Thomas. His first stop was the real owner.

“I asked her if she lost any money, and she said “yes”. And I said “Describe the wallet to me” and she did. I said “Mrs. Thomas I found your money,” McCormick said fighting back tears.

He says he went home on Thursday and slept well knowing that Thomas received her purse with her money.

“That’s just how I was raised,” he said as he explained to News 3 why he returned the money.

Thomas and McCormick say they will be family forever.

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