Voting in Columbus got a little easier Friday.

And it is in large part because of funding from an action movie hero who has taken a special interest in Muscogee County voting. 

The Trade Center opened this morning as an advance voting site in Columbus, and the long lines that have been the norm this week got a lot smaller. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger invested in Columbus elections this month with a grant that exceeded $200,000. It was to expand early voting opportunities. 

And that’s just what it did when the Trade Center opened Friday morning as a second site along with the City Services Center. More machines easier access. 

Schwarzenegger opened his wallet and found a willing taker in Columbus. 

“And then there were a lot of them, in this case Nancy Boren from Muscogee County, that heard about our offer on Twitter,” Schwarzenegger said.

Boren knew what to do with the money. She expanded voting days for the Trade Center, adding eight days. Along the way she impressed the Terminator. 

“Nancy Boren is a rock star as far as I am concerned,” he said. “I have talked to her now. She has been extraordinary. What people need to understand is the only way we make things happen is if we are partnering.” 

Boren not only was able to open up the Trade Center, but hired furloughed catering workers to staff the polls. That impressed Schwarzenegger. 

“We are not only opening up the supercenters, but we are creating jobs,” he said. “We are creating sales in food. And all kinds of things. It’s really great when you hear those stories. I just love it.”