Mark your calendars: Orionid Meteor Shower will peak early next week.


You can see a few now but the best chance will be early next week (weather permitting of course)

Grab a friend and head outside to view the Orionid meteor shower, it will peak on Tuesday October 22nd but the mornings of the 21st and 23rd look to be great as well. The moon will be at or near its last quarter phase and could somewhat obstruct the view of the overall shower, it is possible that a few may be bright enough to overcome the moon light so don’t get discouraged just yet. On a night without the moon you can typically see 10-15 meteors per hour.

For best results, look to the sky after midnight as the number of meteors will increase. The closer you view towards dawn, the more you are likely to see

The Orionid meteor shower is a result of Earth passing through debris from Comet Halley. As Earth moves through the debris path, bits and pieces slam into Earths atmosphere and produce tiny fire balls called meteors. It takes Earth a few weeks to completely move through the left-over bits of the comet so the Orionids can be seen before and after the peak.  

Do you need special equipment to view the meteor shower? Nope! Just look up after midnight to see the show!

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