17-year-old Kalaya Sumter made her first court appearance this morning after turning herself in last Friday. She’s the second suspect arrested in the case. Both Sumter and Terreona Horton are being charged with armed robbery and murder in connection with the death of 22-year-old Travis Henry.

“I feel like it’s getting worse and worse everyday. You find more and more younger people committing these crimes and getting away with it because they’re young. We’re here to support Travis, so we’re going to be here to support him,” Johnnie Anderson, Henry’s godfather said.

Detective Sherman Hayes testified that Sumter told him when Henry arrived in Columbus, he met her along with another woman and two males at Whisper Wood Apartments. They then left in separate vehicles trying to find a secluded area to rob Henry. Detective Hayes says police found messages between Sumter and Henry leading up to his visit.

Sumter told Detective Hayes she does not have a phone and that she usually borrows one. Sumter’s attorney says her not having a phone could mean she may not be the one behind the messages. 

“The evidence on my client was very minimal. I understand they want to make an arrest. I just don’t think that my client was the one that should’ve been arrested. As you say my client didn’t have a phone, the other gentleman allegedly had a gun in the car. My client couldn’t do anything else but stay in the car unless she wanted to get hurt,” Ralston Jarrett said.

Detective Hayes says the suspect described Henry as “flashy” and well known. He also says Sumter told him after the shooting they fled the scene. Henry’s car was discovered in Russell County. 

Detective Hayes says both Sumter and Horton blame each other for being the mastermind behind the whole incident. Hayes says right now police are working to arrest the two males believed to be involved in the deadly robbery. 

Both women are being held without bond and their cases bound over to Superior Court.