COLUMBUS, Ga. — Many are still talking about some of those Super Bowl ads including one that appeared to be sexually-charged.

The Mister Clean commercial that aired Sunday night is still gaining attention.

Part of it shows a woman cleaning with Mister Clean products while fantasizing that she’s with Mister clean himself.

Another part of the clip shows a woman turned on by Mister Clean.

You can imagine the rest.

According to the well known phrase “Sex Sells”, but how far is too far?

A representative with the CSU Communication Department is weighing in.

“I think that really does come down to the individual perspective sometimes. That’s why advertisers feel comfortable pushing that boundary. Because for them it’s as much about getting attention about the product or services as it is about the impact it has,” says Dr, Chris Mccollough.

The commercial appeared to be well-received overall.

One woman posted to Twitter- using the hashtag Mister Clean.

Her post reads in part a dad mopping is foreplay.

Representatives say the overall goal of an advertisement is to gain attention whether that be positive or negative.