COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Chattahoochee River sure is a gem in our community both for economics and aesthetics, but like any body of water it needs to be respected. That’s exactly what fire and EMS crews are doing right now. About 35 rescue officials are in the middle of a four week swift water rescue technique course.

The day I joined them on the river was when the White Water Express rafting guides were teaching about the hydrology of the river. They were showing them how the river moves in relation to the rocks and land. That way the next time duty calls they are even more prepared.

“The venue is great for Columbus, Georgia, but with that there are cautions and hazards out there on the river…water moves at a tremendous and relentless force and if people aren’t careful it can case problems,” says Captain Brice Patterson the lead swift water instructor.

This course is a community effort it is made up of firefighters and EMS officials from Columbus, Harris County, Fort Benning and Phenix City.

It was neat to be in the middle of their training and watch all of the different departments work together along with rafting guides!

When you watch the video I’m the one in the blue helmet and  I came out of the experience full of even more respect for their jobs. Even though some of those rapids made me nervous I never felt safer with all of those rescuers around me.