RUSSELL COUNTY, Ala. (WRBL) – Russell County investigators confirm the man who allegedly stabbed the woman carrying his unborn child, killing her and the baby, has committed suicide inside the Russell County Detention Facility. 

Sheriff Heath Taylor is planning a Sunday afternoon press conference to release additional details regarding the death of Bradley Stokes.

37-year-old Treasure Hennessey was dating Stokes, who’d been out of prison for just a few months after serving 14 years for manslaughter and gun charges in his girlfriend’s death. Soon, investigators say Hennessey became pregnant and had reported Stokes’s alleged abusive behavior twice to the Russell County Sheriff’s Office. However, since deputies weren’t called to the scene when the incidents happened they couldn’t arrest Stokes until Hennessey signed warrants.

“I think the evidence will show she was gonna go and sign warrants and I think he knew that too, and I think that was the main motive. He potentially knew he was going back to prison,” said Sheriff Taylor.

Investigators say Hennessy was seven weeks pregnant and had been hiding from Stokes at the Fort Mitchell Fire Department annex, where she was living. 

“The fire chief at Fort Mitchell is a relative of hers and I think he was trying to give her a safe place to stay,” said Sheriff Taylor.

Stokes was looking for Hennessey, even posting on social media saying Hennessey had broken his heart and he was hoping their relationship would work out. He shared pictures of the two of them, the baby’s sonogram, and what the baby may look like when it grew older.  A few days after the posts, investigators say evidence will show Stokes found Hennesey Friday night, September 1st, stabbing her and her unborn inside the annex. Stokes was charged with the alleged Capital Murder.