COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — What do porta-potties and sanitation stations at the ranges on post at Fort Benning have to do with the city of Smiths Station? 

Tuesday in Smiths Station an agreement between the Army installation and the East Alabama city was signed. 

Here’s the deal. It’s called an Intergovernmental Service Agreement. 

Governmental entities are allowed to partner with each other for essential services. 

In the case of the deal sealed today, Smiths Station will provide sanitation services – portable toilets – for the many firing ranges on the post and at the Ranger camp up in Dahlonega. 

These types of deals are not new for Fort Benning. This is the seventh one the post has entered into in recent years. 

Harris County provides pre-trial confinement for Fort Benning. Chattahoochee County does animal control services on post. And there are multiple agreements with Auburn University. 

The 10-year agreement Smiths Station is expected to pump up to $80,000 a year into the Smiths Station budget. 

In real terms, here’s what Smiths Station Mayor Bubba Copeland says it will mean to his city. 

“It could mean a new truck,” Copeland said. “It could mean a new piece of equipment … It could mean a mini-ex. It could mean all kinds of equipment for public works. Or, it could mean a park. Or it could mean adding to an existing park.” 

The company ESG currently provides public works services and engineering services to the city. ESG will work with the city to provide sanitation services at Fort Benning. 

The deal that was signed Tuesday runs for 10 years.