AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – Incredible news in the local fight against breast cancer as East Alabama Health becomes the second location in the nation providing 3-D Whole Breast Ultrasound Tomography.

SoftVue™️ screening is a lifesaver for the 40% of American women with dense breasts. Each year in the U.S. breast cancer steals the lives of 43,700 of our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Early detection is key to survival. However, traditional mammography can miss cancer hiding in dense breast tissue.  However, SoftVue™️ imaging can detect cancers in dense breast tissue that would otherwise be hidden, making it an essential screening tool as traditional mammography misses almost 50% of cancers in dense breasts. 

Lisa Petersen, the manager of East Alabama Health’s Breast Health Center, explains that SoftVue™️ is a completely different technology that allows for a closer examination of dense breast tissue.

“This is a completely different technology to look at dense breast tissue. So the problem with dense breast tissue is cancer on a mammogram will show up in a light, white color, and dense breast tissue shows up the same way. So with the SoftVue™️ we can see that tissue differently and hopefully find those cancers that would hide in the tissue otherwise,” said Peterson.

During the SoftVue™️ scan, the patient lies on their stomach, and a coil transducer scans each breast to create a 3D image. The scan itself is comfortable and takes just a few minutes, with zero compression or radiation. The staff at East Alabama Health are efficient and compassionate, ensuring that patients feel cared for throughout the screening process. 

Cynthia Lorino, M.D., is the Medical Director at East Alabama’s Breast Health Center

“Early detection saves lives. It allows us to decrease treatment, better cosmetic options but most importantly it allows us to save lives,” said, Lorino.

The average risk of a woman in the United States developing breast cancer sometime in her life is about 13% so self-checks and prioritizing your health – are a necessity. 

SoftVue™️ was developed by Delphinus Medical Technologies Inc. CEO and President, Mark Forcjette, who graduated from Auburn University and serves as a director on the AU Foundation and is on the College of Business Advisory Board. Forcjette was instrumental in bringing SoftVue™️ to east Alabama women. 

For more information on 3-D whole breast, and ultrasound tomography you can call East Alabama Breast Health Center at 334-364-3165. You can also visit their website: