COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — St. Francis – Emory Healthcare announced the grand opening of a primary care continuity clinic. The clinic offers comprehensive primary care to the community while providing St. Francis’ resident physicians hands-on training under the care of experienced community physicians.

 Dr. Anupa Rai the founding program director of internal medicine residency, refers to the clinic as the “Clint of our dreams.” Dr. Anupa Rai went on to share more information with WRBL about the clinic here’s what she had to say.

“Everybody has set together for a long time to make sure that we can provide the best care to our community. And best care means preventative care. Best care means evidence based, medicine-based practice of the medicine. And best care means providing care to the younger generation of physicians who are being supervised by the community physicians in this clinic,” stated Dr. Anupa Rai. 

Johnny Martinez is a second-year internal medicine resident at St. Francis. He says he’s excited about the new opportunities the primary care continuity clinic will create, especially for veterans in the community. 

“So for me, it was actually taking care of the veteran population was what my main passion. Columbus has a heavy veteran’s population. Which is why I wanted to serve that subset as well as being a community that was underserved, that needed high quality health care and high-quality graduate medical education,” shared Martinez. 

Dr. Anupa Rai says that the goal of the clinic is that the patients who touch that clinic, feel respected, feel loved, feel wanted, and feel that they got the best medicine or the best care in that clinic. The clinic serves both insured and non-insured patients.