Phenix City, Al (WRBL)- Russell County is changing for the better and being prepared for almost any emergency situation.

You are looking at a custom-built, state of the art 8 hundred thousand dollars, E-R-C or Emergency Response Command Center ready to handle natural disasters, major weather events, and the unthinkable thanks to its design.

The E-R-C truck can handle

SOT: Heath Taylor / Russell County Sheriff “They were putting them out for New York and L.A. and all these big cities left and right. And here you have, you know, Phenix City, Russell County, Alabama, right in the middle with the same exact equipment now.”

SOT: Dave Martin / Russell County EMA/Homeland Security: <… Dave Martin / Russell County EMA/Homeland Security “And one of the main reasons we wanted this as well as during the pandemic, we needed a way to go out and actually do mobile clinics. So this has a section set up in it where we can actually deliver vaccines out. You know, into the rural areas.”>

The E-R-C also has all the latest communications features, security cameras, a kitchen, briefing rooms, sleeping quarters, and even a weather station is provided. The best yet the Russell County E-R-C can support major sporting events such as the World Cup this October