Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – Last week deadly severe storms claimed the lives of seven people across Alabama and Georgia. The storm’s power were on full display with the destruction left behind. Now in the wake of these storms, WRBL News 3 wants to be on your side and give you several tips to keep you and your loved ones safe in case more severe weather heads to your home. The first step is to realize that tornadoes, like the ones that struck in Georgia and Alabama last week, can happen at anytime of the year.

“So we can get tornadoes year round. You know we have severe weather season which really runs from January through April for us. But then we can get tornados from tropical systems as well in the summer. Basically 365 days of the year we can get a tornado down here,” said WRBL News 3 This Morning Meteorologist Nicole Phillips.

Those tornadoes can strike like they did earlier this month. They can also be as powerful as the EF-4 Tornado that ripped through Beauregard and Alabama in 2019. The WRBL First Alert Weather Team makes it their priority to warn you, the viewer at home, when those conditions start to form.

“We’re going to know days in advance. So we’re always going to keep you prepared. We’re going to always have that forecast ready to go for you. So you have ample time to plan and be prepared and typically a three sometimes even four days out,” said Phillips.

When tornadoes are in the forecast there are a pair of terms the News 3 First Alert Weather team wants you to know. There’s a tornado watch, and a tornado warning.

“Tornado Watch is be prepared it means that conditions are favorable. It means that we are going to have storms that may prompt tornado warnings. When a tornado warning is issued that means take action. We’ve got either radar indicated or we’ve got confirmation that we have a tornado. That means you have to head to your safe spot now,” said Phillips.

Another big part of your safety in these conditions are to have a plan. Don’t be scared but be prepared for severe weather like tornadoes. Keeping our viewers informed and safe is the top priority for the News 3 First Alert Weather Team.

“It’s our responsibility but also we also have families here too. We’re part of this community and we view you all as family. We want you guys to be prepared. We want you to know that you can trust us. We’re always going to be here for you. There’s always somebody here we’re working for you. So you know what you need to do,” said Phillips.