Students at Lanett Junior High School are launching gliders to learn about Science.

They’re learning about controlled variables to build the perfect glider.

It’s just one of the many “A World in Motion” kits sponsored by Kia. 

Science Teacher Terrance Price says, “They were actually able to see the difference in the nose cone weight and how it could make a difference in how the glider flew.”

Samahria Davidson has big dreams for the future and knows Science will help her reach her goals.

“It warms my heart when I help people and I want to be an OB/GYN.”

Becky Sands is a retired teacher who helps facilitate the activities.  

She says these students are learning critical thinking skills and how to be problem solvers.

“I noticed three or four light bulbs coming on here and they got it.”

Price says they’re also learning about teamwork and says no job is too small. 

 “If it’s not recorded correctly, it’s going to affect their grade so 
they’re valuing the teamwork process.”

These skills are useful now and in the future. 

 “You can always take it back to what we’re doing here, to the making of
the automobile.  The forces and characteristics needed for making an automobile.”

 Samahria and her classmates are launching these gliders to learn about science but also to help them launch their own dreams.