Summer camp safety tips


Many kids are getting the Summer camp experience with school being out for three months. While camps tend to keep kids active, it’s important to put safety first.

“Wearing a life jacket is key especially if the child cannot swim that is going to be super important and also for kids who maybe have a basic skill level in swimming,” says Pam Fair said Director of Safe Kids Columbus for Piedmont Columbus Regional.

With lots of outdoor activities planned for children, it’s crucial to protect the skin reducing damage from the sun.

“Applying that sunscreen 30 minutes before they begin a swimming activity and then every so often and follow the directions on your bottle,” said Fair.

Using broad-spectrum sunscreen on your body is highly recommended protecting the skin from ultraviolet A and B rays. Drinking bottled water instead of caffeine drinks help maintains the balance of your body fluids.

“It’s really important to hydrate your child to make sure they drink plenty of water before they go outside so they can get a headstart on that hydration,” said Fair.

As kids find ways of cooling off from the unbearable heat, it’s best to have a few practices in mind.

“You want to know CPR, you don’t want to have to rely on someone else so I think it’s a great thing for every parent to take the time to learn,” said Fair.

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