TALLASSEE, Ala. (WRBL) – The Tallassee Police Department is responding to online criticism after a video surfaced on social media showing officers tasing a man who was in handcuffs.

Courtesy: Jackson family

N.T. Buce, Tallassee’s Chief of Police, says on Monday, June 19th, officers responded to a “shots fired” call in the area of Rushine Circle and est James Street. 

“Upon arrival on the scene, Tallassee Police found a large crowd of individuals gathered in what appeared to be a physical altercation. Contact was made with the victim, who identified two possible suspects who potentially fired a shot in her direction. While obtaining information from both parties, “ said Chief Buce.

Tallassee Police identified Perry Jackson as being present during this alleged altercation. 

“Officers had previous

knowledge Jackson had a current outstanding warrant with the Tallassee Police Department.

The warrant was confirmed through dispatch, and officers attempted to take Jackson into custody. Jackson attempted to flee from officers, but after a brief foot pursuit, Jackson

acquiesced and was taken into custody. Jackson was escorted to a patrol car, where the officers

attempted to perform a pat-down search for any weapons. Still, Jackson continued to turn away

and failed to comply with the officer’s commands to sit down in the patrol car. During this exchange, Jackson threw his cell phone, striking the arresting officer in the face. This time, the officer retrieved a taser from his backup unit and warned Jackson to sit down and

comply or be tased. When Jackson refused to comply with the officer’s commands, the arresting officer deployed his taser. Jackson was transported to Tallassee Community Hospital, where he was examined and treated. Aller being cleared by an hospital staff, Jackson was

transported to the Elmore County Jail and charged with Failure to Appear and Harassment. Jackson is assumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law,” said Todd Buce. 

Friends and family of Jackson shared the video with News 3. They say Jackson was tased when he was handcuffed and no threat. they are in the process of discussing their legal options. 

News 3 will keep you updated.