COLUMBUS, Ga.- A few days ago, the first of a few statewide transportation forums wrapped up. Numerous state dignitaries, state department of transportation representatives and others from the area attended the event.

News 3 spoke with the Columbus Chamber of Commerce’ President and CEO Brian Anderson. He says in terms of transportation, things are good for Columbus. He says the state has the means in place to adequately care for roads and other infrastructure. He adds the passing of House Bill 170 and the TSPLOST help put Columbus in that good spot. He says other places are not that lucky. “They have to go through this long list and say I can only do two or three of them,” Anderson said. “We have the ability to take care of them because the funding is in place to take care of most of the needs we have in the community. Is it perfect? No, it’s never going to be perfect. You’re always going to have a red light that stays red a little longer than you want. I’ve been here six months and I can get pretty much anywhere I need to be in 15 to 20 minutes. That’s not the case in other cities our size.”

Anderson added the solid transportation network helps keep Columbus competitive if business wanted to set up shop in the Fountain City.