TROUP COUNTY, Ga. (WRBL) — There is a long road ahead for Troup County residents as they rebuild after a devastating tornado swept through the area on Sunday.

This is the fourth tornado to hit the county this year. Troup County officials estimate it will take over a year to clean up debris and rebuild the residential areas that were heavily impacted. 

Responding to damage from four tornadoes within three months has been overwhelming.

“We’re constantly having to not only recover, but prepare for the next response,” said Troup County Emergency Management Director, Zac Steele. “And that’s important to always remember that you’ve got both things going on simultaneously, and that’s difficult for the community, as well as all the responders in the county and city leadership.”

The majority of the damage from Sunday’s tornado happened along the 7800 block of West Point Road. Officials have identified 139 homes that were damaged, 23 of those considered total losses. 

Troup County resident Sherry Bennett, says the sounds of her lamp shattering and shards of glass falling on her is what woke her up during the storm. 

Bennett has spent the last 72 hours salvaging what she can from her house. While she sifts through over 40 years worth of belongings, she continues to lean on her faith – saying she feels blessed with all of the support.

“I’ve had people that I worked with years ago that have reached out to me via messenger and people that have, you know, people have taken up donations and people have come into my life and that it’s just been overwhelming, really,” said Bennett.

Troup County staff, utility workers, first responders and volunteers are moving forward with recovery efforts as they continue to repair the affected areas. State agencies have also been at the forefront of the recovery efforts due to the county being in a State of Emergency. 

Here are some of the locations offering donation drop offs and pick up:

  • Reeds Chapel (7258 W Point Road, West Point, GA 31833)
  • First Baptist of West Point (301 E 8th St, West Point, GA 31833)
  • Bethlehem Baptist Church (1111 E 10th St, West Point, GA 31833)