COLUMBUS, Ga. — Rapper Moneybagg Yo was set to perform at Club Medallion Saturday night. As he was being escorted from his car into the club to preform, gunshots rang out.

DJ Remy said, “It was just chaos you heard tables falling, bottles busting on the ground. You just heard chaos.”

He believes the over-crowded small venue caused some of the high tension.

“People had VIP wristbands and it wasn’t really a VIP. You know 300 people buying VIP wrist bands and the VIP only holds 100 people so now it’s just jammed packed and you can’t really tell them to move because they bought VIP. Tensions were just so high,” said Remy.

Right before the shooting occurred, DJ Remy was about to bring in the rapper to perform.

Remy said, “I had just took the microphone to Moneybagg to his car at the back door and he was about to start talking and he was getting out the car and then everything just went crazy. I had to go to the hotel to get my microphone back.”

Tyrome Tukes owns Club Medallion.

He says as soon as he heard the gunshots, he immediately thought about the club full of people who were in danger.

Two men were shot and even the club owner’s range rover was hit by several bullets.

Tukes says the trend of shootings happening at multiple clubs or night spots in Columbus needs to stop.

“Put these weapons down and think about it before you hurt someone because it’s serious,” said Tukes.

The victims are expected to recover, but the suspect or suspects are still on the loose.

The club owner says he plans on shutting down the club in the next few weeks.

He is working with the event promoter to see if they can do anything for folks who bought a ticket, but weren’t able to see the show because it got cancelled.