COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Around 100 people gathered at the National Infantry Museum to hear personal accounts of those affected by one of the worst genocides to stain the world.

According to the National World War II Museum, approximately 6 million European Jews were massacred in the Holocaust.

On Thursday, two speakers shared their captivating story on how they learned they share common history. One of the most riveting moments of the event was the surprising connection between the two speakers. They are actually doctor and patient.

Their relationship quickly turned into a friendship after an incredible revelation – Cohn’s father served in General Patton’s 3rd army, which liberated survivors of a concentration camp in Austria. Little did she know, Dr. Sloan’s father was a prisoner there.

“Gail, It’s very possible your father rescued, saved, liberated my father from that hellhole he was in,” said Dr. Sloan as he pieced together the details.

As the number of Holocaust survivors declines, family members continue to share their stories like Dr. Sloan and Cohn.

“I can’t believe that just by getting to know one of my patients on a deeper, more humanistic level, which sadly doesn’t happen in medicine anymore, I realized that her father was responsible for me being here and for getting my father out of that,” said Dr. Sloan.

Cohn learned valuable lessons from her father that still stick with her today.

“Until he was 95 years old, he spoke about brotherhood and erasing bigotry and reminding people of the Holocaust,” said Cohn.

Dr. Sloan has made it his life’s mission to educate as many people as he can about the horrific genocide.

“My father…my father would be in tears,” said Dr. Sloan. “He would be so proud of me and so proud that I’m getting the word out and that people are learning from this and people are affected by it.”

“I’m honored to be Aaron Cohn’s daughter,” said Cohn. “And it’s a privilege for me to carry on the tradition that he taught of ‘If you live in a community, you must give back to that community.'”