COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Alabama coach Nick Saban is not only a championship coach. He has turned into a championship pitchman for Aflac.

Since Columbus-based Aflac signed Saban as a pitchman, Alabama is 37-3 and playing for its second straight national Monday night.

Aflac has also done well in the last three years, too. The company’s stock is up almost 30 percent with Saban on the team.

Big money for a company that is valued at $41.62 billion. And the Columbus-based insurance company has bet big bucks on the Alabama football coach the last three years, pairing Saban with the iconic spokesduck.

“Typically, we like to pair our advertising icon, the Aflac duck, next to culturally relevant people,” said Shannon Watkins, Aflac’s Chief Brand and Marketing Officer.

That would be Saban, arguably the greatest college football coach of all time.

“And typically, we change out the celebrities we are featuring, you know, on an annual basis or during a campaign-to-campaign basis,” Watkins said. “But Coach Saban was different. We thought no better time than now to pair the greatest of all-time football coach – or Aflac recruiting coach in Coach Saban – with the advertising icon and GOAT, the Aflac duck.”

This year Aflac added a significant player – Coach Prime.

Deion Sanders is the head coach at HBCU Jackson State. He is also a former two-sport athlete who starred in the NFL and Major League Baseball.

Aflac was trying to broaden its reach.

“When we established this campaign and we started to think about where do we take the storyline into 2021, we wanted to pair Coach Saban against someone who was a great, whom they could benefit from each other,” Watkins said. “But really we see their alignment in the same way we see our alignment with coach Saban. It’s around purpose.”

And that purpose involved the nation’s social justice movement coming out of 2020. Watkins says Coach Prime helped broaden the message.

“When you think about that against a backdrop of football, a lot of people knew one aspect of the football diaspora, but they didn’t know the complete other aspect of the football diaspora, which is HBCU football within the college landscape,” Watkins said.

Regardless of what happens tonight, it’s been a winning season for all concerned.

“This has been a storybook season for Aflac,” Watkins said. “And a storybook opportunity to partner with some of the greatest people of all time and some of the greatest coaches of all time.”

Aflac plans to run commercials throughout the broadcast tonight, in the pregame show, postgame show, and during the game.