COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Former Superior Court Deputy Clerk Willie Demps’ sentencing Thursday may not end the ordeal that has led to millions of dollars in court funds being stolen.

In an exclusive interview with News 3, Middle District of Georgia U.S. Attorney Peter D. Leary said the investigation is ongoing.

During the sentencing U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land asked Demps if anyone else employed by the government assisted in his crimes.

He said yes. Of the eight people who have pled guilty in the multimillion-dollar check cashing fraud, Demps is the only one who worked for the government.

Leary was asked about that during his exclusive interview with News 3.

“I can confirm there is a federal ongoing criminal investigation that’s still going on in this case,” Leary said. “I can’t give any details beyond that.”

The FBI and IRS investigated the fraud.

Demps worked for the clerk’s office under multiple elected clerks during his 30-year career.

Demps did not name those government employees when questioned by Land. The judge stopped the line of questioning before Demps could continue.