OPELIKA, Ala. (WRBL) Verdict watch continues in Lee County, as the first full day of deliberations wraps up without jurors deciding the guilt or innocence of Rick Ennis, the man accused in the Capital Murder of 24-year old Lori Ann Slesinski nearly 16 years ago in Auburn. 

Her body has never been located.

Prosecutors say Ennis killed Slesinski when she refused to be more than friends.  

The defendant’s semen and presumptive blood were inside Slesinski’s mobile home. 

A phone receiver – missing its long chord – was found in her bedroom and a rolled cigarette with Ennis’ DNA near Slesinski’s burned vehicle.

Ennis was the last person to be with Slesinski when she was alive, and detectives took pictures of fresh scratches on his arms and hands shortly after she vanished.

Prosecutors say in his car – a murderer’s tool kit – of cleaning supplies, a knife, and handcuffs. 

Ennis testified he had consensual sex with Lori who he described as his good friend. Ennis maintains he did not kill her. Ennis says the scratches on his arms and legs were photographed by detectives in the days after Slesinski’s disappearance came from his dog. 

Ennis’ defense claims investigators bungled evidence and prosecutors can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt Ennis is the killer.

Jurors are deciding between two counts of Capital Murder during a Kidnapping and Burglary, a lesser included charge of Intentional Murder, or they can find him innocent. 

The jury has gone home for the day and will resume deliberations first thing Wednesday morning.