EUFAULA, Ala. — A shocking video shows a mass of people gathered at a local Eufaula gas station moments before shots fired sent the crowd into panic.

The Eufaula Police Department shares the video on Facebook asking the public to help identify any of the people caught in the surge of people at the Citgo station on Eufaula Avenue.

Sargent Donald Brown tells a News 3 reporter police do not yet know what caused the gathering of at least 30 early Sunday morning, but he does confirm it appears the violence started after two individuals started to fight. He says shortly afterwards around midnight, several people pulled out guns and started firing. He says no more than 20 shots went out and no one was hurt.

Brown says the department is now investigating unlawful discharge of weapons, disorderly conduct, and the extreme indifference to human life. He says police have used available videos to identify at least two of the suspected gunmen and arrest warrants are pending.

The Eufaula Police Department also released the following statement on the brawl:

“This behavior should not be tolerated in a civilized society and we cannot emphasize enough to the other persons attending this gathering how much your lives were jeopardized. We have contacted other local, State and Federal Agencies regarding this incident and those individuals responsible for this melee will be located. It is incomprehensible that anyone can find this behavior acceptable, and while this was an impromptu and isolated incident, any future disregard for society displayed in this manner will be immediately dealt with… swiftly and harshly.”

You may contact any Police Officer with information regarding this incident or call the Eufaula Police Department at 334-687-1200. The Anonymous Tip Line can be accessed at 334-687-7100.