Visa cards can be hacked in 6 seconds according to new research

(WSPA) – A warning about your credit card. If you have a Visa, researchers say it can be hacked in just six seconds.

The Newcastle University research found hackers can use speedy “guessing attacks” to figure out your number, security code, and expiration date.

Bill Monroe, a Visa card holder, knows how frustrating it can be when a card number is stolen. His Visa cards were hacked 4 times in one year.

“You’re without your card for about a week and it’s really inconvenient to try to recover like all your auto pays.”

IT Expert Kevin Hodges, with USC Upstate also had a Visa that was hacked two months ago. He explains the findings of the latest hacking research.

“The way that they are successful in this attempt it that Visa isn’t stopping them from multiple attempts on different sites. So they’re using multiple websites for multiple attempts. And so as long as they can keep checking and let the program just run and run and run across all these sites within seconds you can actually hack the numbers and get the combination right,” said Hodges.

The research also found Mastercard blocked the attempt after only 10 guesses.

“In all my 7 years of having Master Card I’ve never had a hacking issue, so maybe this explains why,” said Mastercard holder Chelsea Giles.

Visa says the research does not take into account the multiple layers of fraud prevention that exists within the payment system which all must be met for a transaction to work.

Visa also says you won’t be responsible for fraudulent charges.

That’s why its so important to use a credit card versus a debit card when shopping online, since it could take you weeks to get money back with a bank card.

Also, consider having 2 credit cards, one dedicated just for auto pays. That way the next time your shopping card is hacked, your time won’t be wasted as well.

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