HAMILTON, Ga. (WRBL) — Early voting across Georgia for the U.S. Senate runoff has been heavy.

More than 1 million voters have cast ballots in advance of Tuesday’s race between Democratic Sen. Raphael Walker and his Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

Though they were a few days late to the party, Harris County voters are wasting no time making their opinion known. Hundreds have voted in the rural county just north of Columbus since the polls opened on Monday. Harris County did not have early voting last weekend. Monday was the first five days.

On Monday more than 1,300 Harris County voters cast ballots at the lone advance voting location in Hamilton.

Another 1,200 voted Tuesday, and as of noon Wednesday more than 500 had cast ballots.

Harris County is a staunchly Republican enclave. Of the nearly 17,000 votes cast in the Senate race, more than 12,000 of those went to Republican Herschel Walker.

But, here’s the catch. Walker got nearly 900 less votes than Governor Brian Kemp did in Harris County. That was a trend statewide, with Kemp getting more than 200 more votes than Walker.

Here is what the Harris County Elections manager had to say about the turnout.

“I really did not expect that we would see 1,300 people on Monday,” said Sherrail Jarrett, Harris County Chief Elections Official. “I figured 500-600 at the most. But the turnout has been great. The waiting in line has maybe been 20 minutes. Every little while you may get a 50-minute wait. But, we have been getting them in and out as quickly as we can. Nobody is complaining. So, that’s a good thing.”

Early voting is being held at the Harris County Board of Elections office on Carver Circle, just outside downtown Hamilton. The hours through Friday or 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.