PHENIX CITY, Ala (WRBL)- You may be using a set of gloves and mask daily to keep yourself safe from COVID-19, but the big question is are you using them properly?

The best way to fight off germs and diseases are by using your protective wear, but the true key to success is being sure that you are disposing of them after one use.

“Ideally as soon as I come out of the store I would like to leave those gloves in the trash can at the door, because those gloves are potentially contaminated. So there is no point in me coming and opening my car door with those gloves, because I am just going to be sticking, and transferring those disease particles right on my car door,” said Dr. Ritu Chandra of Preferred Medical Group.

You may use your gloves and mask while you are traveling to essential places and keeping them on throughout the day, however many are seen leaving stores with the same gloves and mask while driving home.

“When I myself am coughing, you know those particles that I coughed out they skid from the sides of the mask, and they get on the mask. So the mask gets dirty you can not wear and re-use the mask for several days, because you just begin to collect germs on that mask,” said Dr. Chandra.

It is critical that when using both a mask and gloves that you use a new set each time you enter and leave a facility.