COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — During the closing days of the Georgia U.S. Senate race, Republican candidate Herschel Walker turned up the campaign rhetoric against his opponent, Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Here Walker said during a Friday campaign stop at a LaGrange.

“God is a good God. And they should have heard me at the beginning when I told them I was that warrior for Christ,” Walker told a crowd of about 350 in Troup County. “I am not a politician. God needs warriors right now because we are in a spiritual battle. Because right now, I am battling a man who I think is a Marxist. He wants to abolish the family. He wants to abolish police. He wants to abolish the court system. He wants to abolish this United States of America. Because as I am looking at it, as I am looking at it, he goes into his church and says America needs to apologize for its whiteness.” 

Monday Warnock held his final rally of the campaign at Abundance Life Full Gospel Church in East Columbus. WRBL got an exclusive interview with Warnock moments before the rally.

Here is what he had to say about Walker’s comments.

“Herschel Walker can’t tell the truth about himself,” Warnock said. “So, it’s not surprising that he is not going to tell the truth about me.”

Warnock called Walker’s language “over the top,” and it’s disqualifying.

“And it is one more example of the ways in which he does not the metal and the substance of a United States senator,” Warnock said. “We need a serious person. These are serious times. Herschel Walker is neither ready nor fit to represent the people of Georgia.”