COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The week of Monday, May 15, is National Police Week created by President John F. Kennedy in 1962 to honor officers nationwide.

The week began with Peace Officers Memorial Day on Monday, where local law enforcement remembers the lives of officers who died in the line of duty. 

We spoke to some officers in Columbus who dedicate their lives to serving the community.

Columbus Police Captain William Turner remarked on what he loves most about his job.

“What I love most about my job is that people always hear other people say this,” said Captain William. “But what I love most about my job is that I’m able to help people, people that are in distress, people that need advice, and any kind of help that I can offer as a police officer.”

Captain William shared a little bit more on how offering help as an officer impacts the people around him.

“And, you know, you deal with life as a police officer sometimes, you know, it’s not every day, but sometimes you deal with people when life is at its lowest form,” William told WRBL. “And if you can do whatever you can do to help, to bring that lowest form up to whatever level you can bring it up to make them have a better day.”

This week reminds us to stop and reflect on the dedication and sacrifice of our law enforcement officials every day that they wear the badge.