COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Every year, folks across the nation honor and remember those who have served our country by placing wreaths on their headstones for Wreaths Across America Day. 

Local organizers of Wreaths Across America at Fort Mitchell hit a milestone today – receiving a donation for over $25,000. The organization has over 9,400 wreaths sponsored, just shy of their 11,000 goal.

Volunteers strive to place as many wreaths as possible on the graves at the Fort Mitchell National Cemetery. 

Wreaths Across America has various groups that support the cause. One of the local groups that participates in the initiative is Scumbugs Support Team. The group’s organizer, Rick Johnson told News 3 why this initiative is important to the military town.

“The efforts that they put in all those many years,” said Johnson. “That’s the base of what we build on our military. We love our military in this area. I’m a military brat. My father’s buried at Fort Mitchell Cemetery. We all have a connection because we’re in this area and that our growth starts there.”

Volunteers gathered at Fort Mitchell National Cemetery for National Wreaths Across America Day on Saturday, Dec. 17th at 12pm. The organization encourages the community to support by donating a wreath next year.