PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (WRBL) – Come take a ride on the wild side! Every Wednesday on News 3 This Morning, News 3’s Blake Eason takes you on a ride through Wild Animal Safari – a Pine Mountain theme park.

The final stop of our safari adventure in 2021 leads us back to the Walkabout Adventure Zoo to meet the newest edition to the safari, the baby goats.

Just three days old, General Manager Katie Harrison says the goats have quite the personality, even at a young age.

“I just love how playful they are, compared to sheep,” Harrison said. “They’re so much more playful.
They like to jump on stuff, and they’re so fun.”

Folks will often compare goats to sheep, but Harrison says the two couldn’t be more different.

“There’s quite a few,” Harrison said. “So, with goats, typically they’re going to have the hair and sheep have the wool. You’ve probably seen wool before. They can make a lot of different products out of that.”

And it doesn’t stop there when it comes to their genetic makeup.

“Most goats also have horns, males, and females,” Harrison said. “Whereas sheep, typically it’s only the males.”

Harrison adds goats are more likely to browse as they search for plants to eat off the ground, whereas sheep are grazers and they will usually just eat grass.

And as far as their diet goes, Harrison confirms goats are indeed picky eaters contrary to popular belief.

When visiting Wild Animal Safari, the baby goats can be found within the Walkabout Adventure Zoo.

The Walkabout Adventure Zoo is a portion of Wild Animal Safari that allows guests to visit with and meet animals in a zoo-like setting.

Wild Animal Safari is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2021 and as part of that celebration the park is teaming up with News 3 for “Wild Animal Wednesdays – A Ride on the Wild Side.” The park is located at 1300 Oak Grove Road in Pine Mountain, Georgia, and the 300-acre park is home to 75 animal species. For more information on Wild Animal Safari, including how to plan your visit and purchase tickets, go here.