PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (WRBL) – Come take a ride on the wild side! Every Wednesday on News 3 This Morning, News 3’s Blake Eason takes you on a ride through Wild Animal Safari – a Pine Mountain theme park.

The next stop of our safari adventure leads us back to the Walkabout Adventure Zoo to meet the Ring-Tailed Lemur’s, named Delilah and Igor. They join us all the way from Madagascar, just off the coast of Africa.

Immediately upon arrival, park visitors will notice the personality of the ring-tailed lemur’s is captivating. General Manager Katie Harrison says this on brand for their overall mood.

“They are one of the first things you’re going to see when you enter the walk about,” said Harrison. “And typically, I guess depending on maybe when you find them, they might be a little excited, a little kind of rambunctious.”

While both are excitable, Harrison is quick to inform us that Delilah and Igor couldn’t be more opposite.

“First off, Delilah is really sweet,” said Harrison. “As you can tell, she’ll take food from our hands and things.
Igor is a little bit different. He’s a little more aggressive, so we didn’t come inside the enclosure with him.”

Speaking of food, Harrison says the lemur’s favorite food is fruit, specifically apples, but they also enjoy carrots, too. Although the main part of their diet is romaine lettuce.

While enjoying a cool November day with the lemur’s, Harrison shares how the fascinating creature keeps warm.

“Another cool thing you may get to see our lemurs due, is their way of warming themselves up,” said Harrison. “There’s a lot of pictures out there of lemurs meditating. They’re not actually meditating. What they’re doing is they’re soaking up the sun, but to do that. They’ll hold their arms out like that and they’ll soak up all the sun. And that’s just a good way to keep them warm,” said Harrison.

Harrison said this position mimics the likes of a hippie, but rest assured they’re not mediating.

Guided tours are available for park visitors who would like to learn more about all the animals along the safari and within the Walkabout Adventure Zoo.

Wild Animal Safari is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2021 and as part of that celebration the park is teaming up with News 3 for “Wild Animal Wednesdays – A Ride on the Wild Side.” The park is located at 1300 Oak Grove Road in Pine Mountain, Georgia, and the 300-acre park is home to 75 animal species. For more information on Wild Animal Safari, including how to plan your visit and purchase tickets, go here.