PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (WRBL) – Come take a ride on the wild side! Every Wednesday on News 3 This Morning, News 3’s Blake Eason takes you on a ride through Wild Animal Safari – a Pine Mountain theme park.

The next stop on our safari adventure takes us back to the Walkabout Adventure Zoo to meet Reba the Bengal Tiger and Goliath the Siberian Tiger.

General Manager Katie Harrison says the tigers are in her top five favorites at Wild Animal Safari and confirms they are one of the more popular animals at the park.

Harrison says since tigers are meat eaters, at Wild Animal Safari they try their best to mimic what the tigers would eat in the wild.

“I mean, everything from raw chicken and steak, pork.,” Harrison said. “We also get some bones as well, mixed in. So that way they’re getting that extra calcium and stuff in their diet as well. Now we also will do some enrichment with them, which can involve feathers, fur, anything that kind of mimics how they would eat in the wild.”

Speaking of the wild, Harrison says all tigers are endangered.

“Now, the biggest reasons that they’re endangered is, of course, poaching for their pelts or for other body parts,” Harrison said. “But also deforestation, which is a big problem with a lot of different species.

Harrison says one way people can help with this is by recycling and using sustainable goods.

Reba and Goliath can be found in the Walk About Adventure Zoo along with the white tiger and the liger. The Walkabout Adventure Zoo is a portion of Wild Animal Safari that allows for guest to visit with and meet animals in a zoo-like setting.

Wild Animal Safari is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2021 and as part of that celebration the park is teaming up with News 3 for “Wild Animal Wednesdays – A Ride on the Wild Side.” The park is located at 1300 Oak Grove Road in Pine Mountain, Georgia, and the 300-acre park is home to 75 animal species. For more information on Wild Animal Safari, including how to plan your visit and purchase tickets, click here

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