Columbus, GA. (WRBL)-From Van Gough to Picasso, this One Class At A Time winner inspires the future generation of artist. 

Kate Miller is an art teacher at Arnold Magnet Academy, in her classroom you can find numerous sculptures, paintings and projects completed by her students. The latest project, doughnuts made out of paper mache. 

Students describe her as the “cool” teacher! Many students enjoy hanging around her whether it’s during class or tying to sneak in to say “hi” during lunch. Miller’s love for art and education go beyond the lesson, cherishing each bond that is created. 

“ It’s about building those relationships with those kids and forming those bonds,” said Miller. “They are making me better and I’m trying to make them better too.” 

Ms. Miller plans to use the $900 grant from Pezold Family McDonald’s, Zelmo’s Zip-In, and Wild Animal Safari towards art supplies

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