Columbus, GA. (WRBL)- 6th grade can be rough on students, from fitting in to making friends, there’s no doubt that middle school can be one of the toughest periods for kids. During this time of growth and adjustment, many teachers create an environment that will help their students. 

Eretha Hamilton is a special type of middle school teacher, one who cares about her students and creates a safe space and environment for them to learn. Hamilton, a 6th grade science teacher at Double Churches middle School, gives her all for her students. Often leaving her heart in her classroom. Colleagues describe her as selfless, full of love and heart. 

Hamilton has created a “classroom pantry” that not only contains a few snacks, but also items such as hygiene, feminine care and hair products

“We have all different types of students here,” said Hamilton. “I just want to make sure that they have the things that they need.”

Hamilton says that she spends her own money on restocking her classroom pantry and that receiving the $900 grant from Pezold Family McDonald’s, Zelmo’s Zip-In, and Wild Animal Safari will go towards replenishing the low supply.

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