Columbus, GA. (WRBL)-A teacher that is described as someone with a heart of gold and a bubbly personality is our One Class At A Time winner. 

Janessa Smith, a first year teacher at Eagle Ridge Academy, is a special education teacher who teaches students that are autistic or non-verbal. Smith provides lessons that tailor to her students needs and often goes above and beyond to make sure those needs are met and also heard.

While in the classroom, students move from station to station. This allows them to learn new concepts using a more hands-on approach. While this method works for her students, the low amount of classroom supplies makes it a little difficult.

“Not having things when they’re in specific stations has been hard because of just not having the money for it.” Smith said but she believes that this grant will really help solve this problem.

Colleagues describe Smith as someone who truly loves her job and is passionate about education. This shows everyday and even as a first year teacher, Smith has excelled in the class room. Her bubbly personality and sweet deposition allows parents to feel at ease while their students are at school. 

Ms. Smith won a $900 grant from Pezold Family McDonald’s, Zelmo’s Zip-In, and Wild Animal Safari and the funds will go towards classroom supplies. 

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