SMITHS STATION, Ala. (WRBL) – Inside a classroom filed with “under the sea” decorations is where we find our One Class At A Time winner. 

Meet Angelica Groves, a kindergarten teacher at South Smiths Elementary School. Groves loves teaching and loves watching the magical moment when an idea or concept clicks. 

Groves often goes above and beyond for her students or as she likes to call them, her babies,  making sure that at this very young age, the foundation is set for a successful educational journey.

While in Kindergarten, students are using a different approach to learning and Groves can’t wait to implement this in her classroom.

“Were going to get some robots guys.” said Groves as she looks out to her students. “We can pick up a picture and read the word or find the word that matches, and they’ll have to code their robot to find the answer. We can do it with addition and subtraction problems, all different kinds of things.”

Mrs. Groves wins a 600 dollar grant from McDonalds and Teen Challenge. If you would like to nominate an outstanding teacher, please click here.