COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Down the halls of Davis Elementary and into the decorated classroom filled with pictures of space and numbers, we find our One Class At A Time winner, Robyn Robinson. 

Robinson is a 5th grade math and science teacher at Davis Elementary School. Described as an amazing teacher by those around her, Robinson shows patience and compassion for her students. In her 1st year of teaching at Davis, she has already made an impact with her teaching style and passion for education. 

“Sometimes they slip me a little note and say read this today and I’ll get home and I’ll read it and it says thank you for being my teacher,” said Robinson. “This lets me know that its sinking in and they are getting it.” 

Learning while having fun is the motto inside her classroom and if you were to visit, you will find students participating in hands-on lessons and experiments. You may even find yourself sitting at one of the circle tables learning about the lesson from another student. The goal for each lesson is for her students to understand the material well enough to teach others.

Robinson takes pride in her students and classroom, the goal is to become the best that they can be not only today but also in the future. 

“Even though we are in 5th grade my focus is future,” said Robinson “I’m just excited about their future, who they are going to become when their my age, that’s what I’m concerned about.” 

Ms. Robinson wins a 600 dollar grant from McDonalds and Teen Challenge which will go towards the purchase of lab coats for each student. 

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