Columbus Ga. (WRBL)-A cafeteria filled with students working on various art projects is where we find our One Class At A Time winner, Stephanie Dubose. 

Dubose is a teacher at Wynnbrook Christian School who loves to spread joy, hope and positivity to everyone. Her gentle spirit and love for helping others is what makes her such an asset to Wynnbrook but also to the community. You can find her volunteering her time around her church and at numerous various organizations across the Chattahoochee Valley. 

Dubose may juggle many hats at Wynnbrook, but she enjoys what she does and says the best part of her job is sharing love and positivity, especially for those who may be facing a difficult time. 

“Sharing the love for Jesus Christ as our lord and savior and sharing hope with people with people who are feeling discouraged.” Dubose Said.  “I’m very grateful for the people who have done that when I have gone through sad times, I’m grateful for my friends and coworkers who have done that for me as well.”

Mrs. Dubose won a 600-dollar grant from McDonalds and Teen Challenge to purchase art supplies.