Columbus, Ga. (WRBL) — Inside the halls of Columbus High School, we find our One Class At A Time winner, Storie Atkins. 

Atkins, a math teacher, is known to make math fun and a little easier for her students. She is well respected amongst her colleagues and students accomplishing major feats at the local, state and national levels when it comes to math competitions. 

Atkins believes that setting a strong foundation in math is crucial to success in any type of science or mathematics field. 

“I’ve firmly believed that if you can do the math, you can do anything,” said Atkins.

Atkins’ love for math and education is what keeps her going, she hopes that her passion for math will continue to inspire her students.

“It’s rewarding to be able to share my passion for math with them,” said Atkins, “I hope that I have set a lot of students on a great path for success in their careers.”

Mrs. Atkins wins a $600 grant from McDonald’s and Teen Challenge which will go towards classroom supplies. If you would like to nominate an outstanding teacher click here.