Columbus, GA. (WRBL)-Our final One Class At A Time winner for the 2021 fall semester is a teacher who just listens to his students

James Ceasar is a teacher at Shaw High School and is described as having a down to earth personality.  You will often find Ceasar chatting, sitting with his students, lending an ear through the good days and through the bad days. 

“I love coming to school everyday, seeing them and hearing about some of their trials, struggles and things they go through.”

It’s during these moments that he and his students create bonds that will help them transition into successful young adults and into society. This is what makes Ceasar’s job so special and what he loves his profession. 

Mr. Ceasar received a 600 dollar grant from Pezold Family McDonald’s and Zelmo’s Zip-In, which will go towards classroom supplies.

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