Columbus, GA. (WRBL) -Teaching chemical reactions and balancing equations is what Brigitta Stubbs, Our One Class At A Time winner, is known for.

Stubbs, a teacher with 17 years experience, has spent every single one of those years teaching science at Shaw High school in the same classroom. 

From the periodic table to science experiments, Stubbs love for science shows just by how she plans lessons, she wants her students to feel the excitement that science has to offer. 

“I love seeing my students get excited about science.” Stubbs said when asked about the best part of her job.

Outside of the classroom, Stubbs is known for being a team player. She is someone that her colleagues can count on but also someone who is kind and compassionate. Stubbs is dedicated to her job and to education. 

Ms. Stubbs plans to use the $900 grant from Pezold Family McDonald’s, Zelmo’s Zip-In, and Wild Animal Safari towards classroom supplies. 

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