Columbus, GA. (WRBL)-Teachers are special individuals tasked with preparing the future. From math to science, each teacher takes pride in providing necessary tools that will be needed to succeed. Our One Class At A Time teacher is no different 

Tasha Morgan is a 5th grade teacher at St. Mary’s Magnet Academy. Morman can be described as fun, passionate and dedicated, taking time to make sure that she provides students with the tools they need to grow as a class but also individually. 

In her 4th year or teaching, Morman recently switched from English/language arts to social studies but uses cross-curriculum to make sure students continue to grow in all areas. 

When it comes to assignments, each lesson is carefully crafted with the student and their background in mind. Lessons are often filled with real world experiences and life lessons that her students can relate to. 

“We do a lot of life lessons.” Said Morman. “Its about helping them become better people in the community .”

Surprised to receive the 600 dollar grant from McDonalds and Teen Challenge, many of the proceeds will go towards supplies for science fair projects and other items such as the “honey money store” that is used within the classroom. 

The biggest lesson that Morman hopes her students receive during their time with her is that they can achieve anything.

“Nothing is impossible, there is not anything that they cannot accomplish as long as they believe.”

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