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Which vitamins are best?

Diet and exercise are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but we can’t always get all the nutrients we need from nutrition alone. That’s where vitamins come in, and they can help ensure that you’re getting your daily allowance of nutrients. 

There are more vitamins and supplements on the market than ever. It’s a billion-dollar industry, and searching for the right product can be overwhelming. There is no one right product out there for everyone, and there are some critical variables to consider before purchasing any products. Still, the top pick is Thorne Research Basic Nutrients Multivitamin.

What to know before you buy vitamins

Is a vitamin right for you?

There are over 40 different nutrients we need every day to maintain optimal health, and it’s not always easy to get the daily requirements from diet alone. This is especially true if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, a smoker, you drink alcohol or are over 50. You can benefit from a daily vitamin if you know your diet needs a boost or just want an edge. 

Most vitamins come in pill or capsule form, but if you have trouble swallowing pills, you might want to consider liquid vitamins, or even gummies

Natural vs. synthetic vitamins

Generally, synthetic vitamins are less expensive to produce, which means they cost less. This doesn’t necessarily mean that natural vitamins are always superior. Sometimes a synthetic version is just as effective. However, sometimes cheaper vitamins have more fillers, binders and extra ingredients, so they aren’t always as pure as all-natural supplements. 

Vitamins for seniors and children

If you’re a young child or over the age of 50, your body’s needs are different from the average adult, so you’re going to want to select a vitamin specifically designed to fit those needs. 

  • Seniors: Once you reach a certain age, your body doesn’t absorb nutrients as efficiently. These vitamins typically contain more calcium and vitamins B12, B6 and D. 
  • Children: One of the major differences in children’s vitamins is the dosage, which is often less than traditional adult vitamins. And there are some vitamins and minerals, such as iron, that can be harmful to children in large doses. 

What to look for in vitamins

Daily allowances

A good vitamin should provide you at least 100% of the daily allowance of most all nutrients. However, there are some nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, where the daily allowance can’t be included with all of the other nutrients in a single pill. You can certainly get calcium and magnesium from other sources, but you might require additional supplementation if you suffer from a deficiency. 


Be sure to check the label because the recommended daily dosage is not always a single pill for every product. The dosage for some vitamins can be two pills or more. This is important to consider when looking at price, how long a particular bottle will last, and how many pills you want to take every day. 

How much you can expect to spend on vitamins

The cost of vitamins can vary depending on the type, brand, quantity and quality. Natural vitamins tend to be significantly more expensive than synthetic vitamins and range per dosage from 20-70 cents. Synthetic vitamins are a more budget-friendly option and range from 6-35 cents based on the blend and the brand.

Vitamins FAQ

Is the cost of the vitamin equivalent to the quality and benefit?

A. Not always. A household name brand usually includes the same ingredients verified by the US Pharmacopeial Convention as lesser-known brands. If that is the case, they can be just as effective.

Can I take more than the recommended dose of vitamins for additional benefits?

A.  Taking too many vitamins at one time can lead to a toxic vitamin build-up. It is best to take the recommended doses for dietary allowance unless your doctor or healthcare provider tells you to do so.

What are the best vitamins to buy?

Top vitamins

Thorne Research Basic Nutrients Multivitamin

Thorne Research Basic Nutrients Multivitamin

What you need to know: This is a well-rounded multi-vitamin with high-quality ingredients from a trusted household brand.

What you’ll love: This comprehensive supplement allows you to maintain your nutrition without having to take so many capsules. While using the most absorbable and purest ingredients, this formulation contains vital nutrients that support the heart, brain, nerves, immune system and bone health without any preservatives or unnecessary additives. The Thorne brand partners with 11 US Olympic teams and collaborates with the Mayo Clinic on research and content.

What you should consider: The dosage of B-vitamin in this formulation has caused some customers to experience anxiety.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and iHerb

Top vitamins for the money

HUM Daily Cleanse 

HUM Daily Cleanse 

What you need to know: This is a vitamin blend of natural herbs, antioxidants and minerals to support natural detoxification and address breakouts at their source.

What you’ll love: You’ll love how the green algae eliminates impurities through natural digestive functions. 

What you should consider: The pills are larger in size and can be hard to swallow if you struggle with bigger pills.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and HUM Nutrition

Worth checking out

Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s One Multivitamin

Rainbow Light Vibrance Women’s One Multivitamin

What you need to know: This high potency multi-vitamin is both vegetarian and gluten-free.

What you’ll love: Loaded with Vitamin C and Zinc to support bone health and immune support, it also contains B6, B12 and Choline to increase the overall energy and nerve cell protection. It absorbs seven key vitamins, including vitamin D, B2, B5, folate, calcium, iron and zinc.

What you should consider: This vitamin has a synthetic form of B12, so if your body does not absorb synthetic B12, this is probably the wrong vitamin for you.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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