Which oven cleaner is best?

Every cook knows that spills, grease stains and food residue in the oven are inevitable. Food residue can smell bad and even increase fire risks. Some people avoid this danger by buying a self-cleaning oven. These may cost more at first, but they don’t require oven cleaning solutions. However, not everyone can afford a self-cleaning oven. And many people prefer to use oven cleaners to lift persistent oil and grease stains. 

It can be hard to find effective chemicals with low toxicity for cleaning ovens, so it’s worth doing your research and taking some extra precautions. The Sprayway Heavy-Duty Oven And Grill Cleaner works great for stains, grease and buildup.

What to know before you buy oven cleaners

Oven compatibility

Before selecting an oven cleaner, it’s vital to ensure you find one that’s compatible with your oven. If you have a self-cleaning oven, it isn’t recommended that you use an oven cleaner. Check with the oven manual to ensure compatibility. You should also only use oven cleaners should on specific surfaces noted in the instructions and shouldn’t be used on seals or other delicate parts of the oven.

Safety with chemicals

Oven cleaners can be effective, but they also include some of the most dangerous household chemicals found in cleaning solutions. One such chemical is sodium hydroxide, which can seriously burn your skin or cause chemical burns if it’s inhaled. For that reason, if you’re cleaning your oven with these chemicals, make sure to wear gloves and face coverings when handling these chemicals. It’s also important to keep the area heavily ventilated to ensure the fumes make their way out of your living space.

Type of oven cleaners

Oven cleaners usually come in either foam, gel or cream solutions. While sprays are useful for reaching your entire oven, gels and creams are usually drip-free. Some oven cleaning solutions have a formula with less toxicity through odor and fume-free formulas. Some even have more eco-friendly ingredients.

What to look for in quality oven cleaners

Odor and fume-free

Odor and fume-free oven cleaners can both help mitigate unwanted smells and exposure to chemical fumes. These cleaners are useful if you need to scrub the oven and want less exposure to harsh chemicals. No matter what, it’s important to ventilate your kitchen space when using oven cleaners, even if you can’t smell them.


Certain chemicals can be harmful to the environment. In response to this, the U.S. established a rating system for the use of low-emission ingredients, called the volatile organic compounds (VOC) rating. You can see how harmful a cleaner is by looking at this rating on the product label. In addition, you can find a handful of eco-friendly and biodegradable oven cleaners that are less harmful. Keep in mind these products may be less effective than some of the other chemical-heavy solutions out there.


The amount of cleaner included in oven cleaners varies depending on the formula and brand. Oven cleaners come with around 12-30 ounces. If you tend to clean your oven often, you may want to consider larger bottles or bulk packages of your solution.

How much you can expect to spend on oven cleaners

Oven cleaners are fairly inexpensive, usually costing between $5-$10 per bottle. This varies depending on the brand, formula and quantity.

Oven cleaners FAQ

Can you use oven cleaners on self-cleaning ovens?

A. Most companies don’t recommend using oven cleaners on self-cleaning ovens. Self-cleaning ovens allow you to clean the oven without using harmful chemicals. Instead, you can lightly clean any residue after a self-cleaning cycle with a damp sponge or cloth.

Are oven cleaners safe?

A. Many oven cleaners are fairly toxic, though there are a couple of ways to stay safe while using them. Be sure to wear gloves and face protection when scrubbing an oven to protect you from harsh chemicals. Buying fume-free or eco-friendly cleaners can also help reduce exposure to toxic chemicals.

What are the best oven cleaners to buy?

Top oven cleaner

Sprayway 20-Ounce Heavy-Duty Oven And Grill Cleaner

Sprayway 20-Ounce Heavy-Duty Oven And Grill Cleaner

What you need to know: This is a great cleaner for porcelain, glass, ceramic and cast iron surfaces on both grills and ovens.

What you’ll love: This solution works for most oil and carbon stains in ovens and grills. You can also purchase a two-pack of this cleaner. It’s designed for overnight cleaning spray-and-wipe applications.

What you should consider: It isn’t recommended for use with glass ovens.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top oven cleaner for the money

Goo Gone 28-Ounce Oven And Grill Cleaner

Goo Gone 28-Ounce Oven And Grill Cleaner

What you need to know: This affordable oven cleaner offers a robust solution for removing burnt-on carbon deposits.

What you’ll love: It puts out a foaming solution that lifts thick grease without leaving behind any odors. It’s more affordable than many other oven cleaners. It also claims to include biodegradable ingredients and is VOC-compliant.

What you should consider: Some buyers found that this cleaner takes a little extra patience when scrubbing, though it gets the job done.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Carbona 16.8-Ounce Biodegradeable Oven Cleaner Two-Pack

Carbona 16.8-Ounce Biodegradeable Oven Cleaner Two-Pack

What you need to know: This biodegradable cleaner is an excellent environmentally-friendly option that comes in an affordable two-pack for maximum value.

What you’ll love: This bio-friendly solution has minimal cleaning odors. It’s a gel formula that makes it easy to clean ovens and grills without dripping. It can also be used on baking hardware like pans and other dishes.

What you should consider: This oven cleaner isn’t suitable for significant food messes or large debris. You may need to do two applications for heavy-set stains.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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