Columbus, Ga (WRBL) – Darrel and Kayla Wright have a unique way of spending their father daughter quality time. They spend their time together inside a boxing ring.

Darrel Wright is a former boxer and owner of Wright Way Fitness in Columbus, Georgia. He is also the proud father and trainer for his daughter, Kayla, who is now the #3 ranked boxer in her age and weight class in the country.

Kayla is also shining in sport closer to home. The Blackmon Road Middle School 6th grader is also one of the best runners in the Fountain City in the public school ranks. The Wright family does have a lot of athletic promise in the family tree. The best part for this daddy-daughter combo is spending so much time with each other as Kayla reaches new heights.

“He’s always taught me to be really humble. I’ve never really been the type of person to brag or not be humble. It’s just really what he teaches me. It feels amazing. I love my dad,” said Kayla Wright.

Coach Wright saw so much potential in her from the beginning. Now that Kayla is rising through the ranks of boxing and track, it’s starting to motivate the 4-time Georgia Golden Gloves winner.

“It makes me feel really proud and good because I know she could do it. She had it in her. Yeah. She keeps me motivated her as well as a lot of my other clients, especially my own daughter, just keeps me motivated to keep going,” said Darrel Wright.