ALABAMA (WHNT) — As deer hunting season approaches, the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries have made some adjustments to the hunting zones.

Alabama’s deer hunting opportunities are divided into five zones to allow WFF to manage the deer harvest on a more local level.

For the 2021-2022 season, Zone C in north Alabama has been adjusted according to the latest data on deer populations.

2021-2022 Alabama Deer Hunting Zone Map

“Every year we tweak the zones a little,” said WFF Director Chuck Sykes said in a press release. “The more data we get coming in through Game Check, our staff and hunters, we can fine-tune those zones.”

Sykes said that some of the areas with a reduced ‘antlerless harvest limit’ fell in areas with a higher deer population, so WFF took them out of Zone C.

“The more we work with the hunters and staff in these areas and the better information we get from Game Check, the more we can refine these zones,” Sykes said in a press release.

The WFF plans to continue to monitor the deer population in the state and make tweaks where they see fit.