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Which pickleball bag is best?

The simplicity of pickleball has been instrumental in the sport’s rising popularity, but there’s still a good amount of gear that goes into a casual game. In addition to paddles, balls and your own personal valuables, you should bring towels and water bottles to get the most out of your pickleball experience. In order to transport your pickleball gear in an organized fashion, consider investing in a pickleball bag. There are plenty of unique options, but the reliable and spacious Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag is a great choice.

What to know before you buy a pickleball bag

Type of bag

There are several kinds of pickleball bags. The most simple and affordable are drawstring bags, which typically lack multiple compartments. Most drawstring bags aren’t designed specifically for one sport, but dedicated pickleball drawstring bags may have a separate pocket for you to store balls or other accessories. 

Sling bags come with more compartments and features than drawstring bags. Sling bags have one strap and often come with specialized pockets, a water bottle holder and back support pads. The best options have a reversible strap that can be worn on either shoulder.

Pickleball backpacks are similar to sling bags, except they come with two straps and are sometimes larger. Backpacks are convenient if you tend to bring a large amount of gear to the court.

There are also tote bags that are specifically designed for pickleball. Tote bags are a versatile, fashion conscious option, and they come with multiple compartments. They are also the most likely to include dedicated space for laptops and phones.


If you only need to carry a couple pickleball paddles and balls, a smaller drawstring bag will be the perfect size. Larger sling bags and backpacks can be cumbersome, but they’re necessary if you need to organize a lot of gear. Sling bags and backpacks are generally 19 to 20 inches tall and 12 to 15 inches wide; most customers find this to be a nice size. 

What to look for in a quality pickleball bag

Number of compartments

Simple drawstring bags are best for customers who value simplicity and don’t mind having their paddles, balls and other gear in the same compartment. The best sling bags and backpacks will have a main compartment for paddles as well as secondary pockets for balls, towels and valuables. For easy organization, a bag should have at least three pockets.

Phone pocket and security pocket

If you want to ensure that your phone, keys and other valuables items are safe from theft or damage, think about purchasing a pickleball bag with specialty pockets. Phone pockets are made from felt and scratch-resistant material, and they are designed to safely store smartphones. Security pockets are located on the back of the bag.

Water bottle holder 

It’s important to stay hydrated during your games, and a dedicated water bottle holder gives you quick access to your water. Bags with an outside pocket designed for bottles are more convenient than basic bags that require you to store your water bottle within the main compartment. Most water bottle holders are made of mesh, and some include a cord lock that makes securing your bottle that much easier.

Water-resistant and rip-resistant material

Water-resistant material helps keep your bag and its contents safe from water damage during a rainy game, while rip-resistant fabric is less likely to tear. A bag with stronger material will have greater durability and longevity. 

Straps and back support

For sling bags, a reversible or adjustable strap is nice because it allows you to wear the bag on either shoulder. The majority of pickleball bags also have padded straps that are comfortable on your back. Be sure to check for padding on the bag itself, which is important for complete comfort.

Fence hook

If you keep your bag on the ground during a pickleball session, it is more likely to get damaged, and you’ll have to bend over to retrieve any gear or valuables. This is where a fence hook comes in, though not all bags have them. Fence hooks are located at the top of the bag. They allow you to hang your bag on the court’s fence at a comfortable height. 

How much you can expect to spend on a pickleball bag

Simple drawstring options can cost $10 or less, but most dedicated pickleball bags fall into the $20-$45 range. Particularly large bags and bags with a lot of features sell for more than $50.

Pickleball bag FAQ

What’s the difference between a pickleball bag and a tennis bag?

A. There are many pickleball bags that can store tennis gear and vice versa, but the main difference is that tennis bags tend to be slightly larger. This difference in size is due to tennis racquets being larger than pickleball paddles. A bag that can store six pickleball paddles will likely be able to store two tennis racquets.

What material is used to make pickleball bags?

A. Almost all pickleball bags are made with polyester, which is known for its durability and versatility. Many bags use water-resistant polyester, and certain tote bags use quilted polyester.

What are the best pickleball bags to buy?

Top pickleball bag

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

What you need to know: The multiple padded compartments in this attractive bag can store up to six paddles. 

What you’ll love: The back support pads will keep you comfortable while wearing this bag. It also comes with a mesh water bottle holder and a fence hook. The price is great for the amount of space included.

What you should consider: Some customers have complained that the phone pocket is too small, and it lacks a security pocket.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pickleball bag for the money

ZOEA Pickleball Bag

ZOEA Pickleball Bag

What you need to know: This affordable sling bag stands out for its handy special features.

What you’ll love: It has three large pockets, a hidden security pocket and a water bottle holder. It also comes with a USB charging port and a headphone jack, and the polyester material is both water-resistant and scratch-resistant. 

What you should consider: At 17.7 inches tall and 11.8 inches wide, it is not as spacious as other leading sling bags.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Athletico Sling Bag

Athletico Sling Bag

What you need to know: At 20 inches tall, this versatile sling bag can fit six paddles, two tennis racquets or a 15-inch laptop.

What you’ll love: It has five compartments, including a security pocket and a phone pocket, as well as a water bottle holder with a cord lock. It has a padded back and an adjustable strap.

What you should consider: It’s on the high end of the price spectrum, and it only has two color options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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